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Cant afford a solicitor?

Monday 24th November 2014


Help is out there for self-representing parents

ACCORDING to new statistics the majority of parents seeking the courts help to resolve the arrangements for their children are now trying to do so without the help of a solicitor. This increase has been fed by the withdrawal of legal aid for (most ) private family law cases, something that couples are still unaware of, says Julia Brown of Family Legal.

She said: "I get calls on a near daily basis asking if we do legal aid. The public just don't seem to be aware that these cuts have been made."

"For some, representing themselves appears to be the only option when things go wrong. But, It is not an easy task and not something that everyone can do themselves. Particularly as in family cases there is often a large emotional involvement with the outcome of cases.

"Help is out there. There are now family solicitors that will offer flexible advice. When I set up my practice three years ago, it was in the back of my mind that legal aid cuts were likely to be imminent in family law, and at that stage I set up my practice with the aim of being able to help people of all means. If, financial resources do not permit you to use a solicitor to conduct your case then we are able to offer help in a number of ways:-

1. We offer one-off advice sessions where we can sit down with clients and discuss with them their circumstances, the relevant court procedures, and what they might expect going further forward

2. We also offer fixed fee meetings which can be used for those clients that are attempting to deal with cases themselves but perhaps need a little help with the relevant court forms, drafting applications, drafting other court documents, or advice on what to do next

3. We can help clients by representing them at court. Often clients have struggled through the court forms themselves but are daunted at the prospect of representing themselves at court. We can offer affordable fixed fees for court representation.

"Over the last three years we have helped a number of clients using this flexible method which has resulted in them saving sometimes what would have been thousands of pounds in legal costs and to get the outcome that they need.

"The moral to this story is please don't be put off using a solicitor because of fear of cost. Our advice sessions start from just £60 and a little bit of advice at the right stage really can make a huge difference to the outcome of your case."

If you need help with a Family Law matter please do not hesitate to contact Julia on (01606) 841273. Julia's practice is pleased to announce that Family Legal has been listed as a top legal 500 firm again this year, and that Julia herself has recently been accredited by Resolution as a specialist in advanced financial provision following divorce, and in cohabitation disputes (those that involve unmarried couples).

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Help is out there for self-representing parents