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Option One: Our assisted DIY Divorce £300 (plus court fees)

This option is for those clients who have agreed to divorce, have no complicating factors money or children issues to resolve and who wish to keep legal costs to a minimum, who have the confidence to deal with the court and forms themselves, but who require some additional help.

With a DIY divorce you go through these stages yourself. You are provided with information on how to do this, but you are responsible for the accuracy of the documents

Court fees may be applicable - these are reviewed annually by the Court. You may be eligible for a fee exemption in certain circumstances.

This DIY Divorce package may be suitable for you if:-

  • You are confident with form filling
  • You have no complicating factors to your separation (eg. disputes over children/finances)
  • Your spouse does not intend to contest the divorce proceedings
  • You are clear on how to proceed with a divorce, but just need some initial guidance from a solicitor.
  • You wish to progress your own divorce

What is included?

  • all the forms that you need to complete your divorce
  • our detailed plain English step by step guide to the divorce procedure, with detailed instructions on how to complete each stage of the divorce.
  • You also get an initial advice consultation for up to an hour with a solicitor (this can be provided via telephone , Skype or Facetime)
  • help along the way via telephone or email
  • our solicitor will check all the forms for you


The breakdown of any relationship can often be traumatic and difficult. It is important that you are advised properly as to your options at the outset of your case before important life changing decisions are made. That is why it is imperative that you use the services of a specialist divorce solicitor.

Here at Family Legal Solicitors, we are divorce and family law specialists. We can advise you on the options that are available to you, and assist you in making practical decisions in relation to the changes in your circumstances. We are there every step of the way to help lead you through the process providing specialist legal advice, support and guidance.

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