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When parties decides to separate often there are difficult decisions to be made regarding the future care arrangements for the children of the family. If these issues can't be agreed between the parties, we can sensitively assist in resolving these issues where possible by agreement, or if agreement cannot be reached, via a court application. If you are a grandparent click here to see more about your rights and options.

Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility means all the legal rights and duties which a parent has in relation to a child. Having Parental Responsibility for a child means that you are responsible for, and have the right to be consulted about, the child's health, education, religion and welfare. To change a child's name, those with Parental Responsibility must consent to the name change.

Child arrangement Orders

More often than not when a relationship comes to an end difficult decisions will have to be made concerning where and with whom the children of the family should live

In some cases it is appropriate for Shared care order to be agreed/ ordered. Decisions also need to be made as to who they should have contact with, when and how often (Contact).

We can advise you as to your rights, and if matters can't be agreed can assist in negotiatons or pursue matters for you via the court process.

Specific Issues

If you and your partner can't agree on a specific issue such as where your child shall go to school, or perhaps one of you wishes to relocate a court can make orders to determine such matters.

Family Legal are specialist family law solicitors. We can help you to negotiate the arrangements for your children and where possible will aim to do this amicabley away from court. If matters cannot be agreed amicabley we can help you pursue your application through court. We can do this in a flexible bespoke way to match your needs and budget.

Choosing the right family solicitor is crucial. Call us on 01606 841273 now for a chat.

Our Fees

Work cost including vat

Initial advice session £120

Pay as you go help £300 per hour on time
spent basis

Prepare a PR/Step PR agreement £240

Prepare a Order application £300 plus court fee

Representation at a Directions/ Dispute Resultion £600
Hearing (no more than 1/2 a day)

Do you need help from a solicitor to resolve the arrangements for your children?
Do you need to regain contact with your children?
Are you or your partner attempting to move abroad or away with the children?

We can help you.

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