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Solicitors to resolve finances on Divorce
In most marriages there are assets and some time debts that need to be resolved and divided between the parties at the time of divorce.

Marriage entitles either spouse to make financial claims against the other. Contrary to popular belief, these claims don't automatically come to end on divorce and can only be terminated by a final court financial order. Get peace of mind with a court order.

All Agreed?

Solicitor to draft an order by consent
If both parties can agree on how to split their finances, the case can be very simple, and may not require the parties to attend court. In these circumstances, we will ensure your agreement is incorporated into a legally binding document that both parties can then sign and submit to the court for approval. Your financial consent order will be drafted by a qualified solicitor to reflect the terms of the agreement reached between yourself and your spouse. divorce, separation, change of name, weddings abroad, declaration of freedom to marry, In most cases we can prepare such court documents (known as Financial Consent Orders) on your behalf for an agreed fixed fee.

Need Help to resolve your finances after divorce?

However, more often than not clients do need specialist help in resolving their financial affairs. Sorting out the division of the marital assets is often a skilled and complex task, and requires both parties to provide to each other full and frank disclosure of their financial circumstances. This is why it's extremely important to take expert legal advice to make sure you get a fair financial settlement.

Here at Family Legal solicitors, we can help you, whatever your financial situation or however complex your finances.

We are specialist divorce solicitors and have extensive experience of cases involving high net worth assets including businesses and farming assets.

If you can't agree the division of your finances we can assist you in helping reach an amicable settlement, or where agreement simply cannot be reached with making an appropriate application to the court for financial orders.

Please contact us to obtain more information regarding the resolution of your financial affairs and details of our charges.

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