Solicitor prepared Living Together and cohabitation agremeents

Living Together Cohabitation Agreement

Thinking of moving in with your partner?

What most people are unaware of, is that no matter how long a couple may have lived together they do not automatically get the same rights upon the breakdown of the relationship as those of a married couple on divorce. There is no such thing as a "common law spouse"

There is no specific law at present to deal with the breakdown of such relationships and Trust and Land law is applied in the event of any property disputes. Additional claims can also be brought if there are children of the family.

It is therefore vital that ownership of property and the contributions that each party will make whilst living together are agreed before the purchase of a property takes place, or the parties begin cohabitation.

Living Together / Cohabitation Agreement can be drafted to set out agreed terms to include how the purchase will be funded, what will happen to the couples' assets in the event of a later separation and how it intended each of the parties will contribute towards the household during their relationship. The agreement can also include details as to whether both the parties wish to hold a joint bank account, have joint debts etc.

We'll prepare the agreement on your behalf for an agreed fixed fee. Family Legal are specialist family law solicitors. we can help you to negotiate the terms of your living together/ cohabitation agreement. We can do this in a flexible bespoke way to match your needs and budget.

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