Facing a Separation as an unmarried couple? , Family Legal Solicitors can help

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Separation Agreements for unmarried couples

Family Legal Solicitors can help r unmarried separating couples to regulate the terms of their separation by way of a separation agreement, or if matters can't be agreed by pursuing a claim through court.

A Separation can often be one of the most traumatic and stressful periods of your life. Let us take the stress out of the situation of you.

Unmarried couples, or cohabitants, don't have the same legal rights as married couples, unless they are same-sex couples who have registered a civil partnership. Contrary to popular opinion there is no such thing as a common law husband or wife.

If you have not regulated your affairs with a Living Together or Cohabitation Agreement, we are able to provide you with expert advice as to your legal rights in the event of a relationship breakdown.

As with any separation, the decisions to be made are difficult and there are often issues for unmarried or unregistered couples regarding property and children that need to be resolved.

For unmarried couples who wish to separate, we can advise you on the legal implications of your separation and how best to resolve financial matters. This is a specialist area of law and we strongly suggest you seek legal advice before agreeing a financial settlement with the other party.

Solicitor prepared Separation Agreements

For unmarried couples wishing to separate, it is worthwhile considering whether to record any agreement reached over the division of assets and arrangements for any children into a Separation Agreement. Such an agreement will record who is to have what and what the parties' responsibilities are. It can be particularly useful where one party intends to remain in jointly owned property for some time after the other party has moved out. If matters can be agreed we can help you prepare a Separation Agreement for an agreed fixed fee.

Family Legal are specialist family law solicitors. If you have not agreed the terms of your separation we can advise you where you stand and help you to negotiate the arrangements where possibly amicably away from court. If matters cannot be agreed amicably we can help you pursue your application through court. We can do this in a flexible bespoke way to match your needs and budget.

Choosing the right family solicitor is crucial. Call us on 01606 841273 now for a no obligation chat to see if we are the right solicitor for you.

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