Help with Mediation from Family Legal Solicitors

Mediation is a flexible process that is used in a number of different situations. By giving everyone the opportunity to explain their side of the story, and to talk without being interrupted, mediation can be very helpful when a situation is stuck. Mediation can work because:

  • it allows people to be heard
  • it is an empowering process that encourages people to put forward their own suggestions and ideas.
  • it is less intimidating than legal procedures
  • it provides solutions that the parties themselves have decided on, giving them all a sense of ownership of any agreement. As a result, agreements reached in this way last much better than solutions handed down by courts or an arbitrator.
  • it can be organised quickly.
  • It is usually affordable by all.


Please also note that anyone now wishing to issue financial or children proceeding needs to have undertaken a MIAM ( a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) to establish whether mediation may be a useful tool in resolving their matter, before court proceedings are instigated.

Family Legal can help refer your case to a local mediator. We work alongside mediation and can be there to advise you along the way and can also take steps to incorporate any agreements reached into a legally binding format.

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